Alu Masala Bonda

Alu Masala Bonda

Published on Oct 13 2012 // All Recipes, Snacks

Alu Masala Bonda:

alu masala bonda

Required Ingredients:


1)Alus(potatos)  —–          3

2)Carrot            ——           1

3)Beans            ——           50 gms

4)Green chillies  ——           3

5)Ginger            ——           1 inch

6)Corrainder leaves –           as your wish(take little)

7)cups besan (gram dal flour)                —–            2 cups.

8)Rice flour        ——            1 table spoon

9)salt,chillipowder  –             1 table spoon

10)Water            —-             As required to mix.




1)First of all boil the potatos in water and peel the outer layer smash them into paste.


2)Add green peas,Beans,chopped carrot,green chillies,raw green peas,corrainder leaves and mix all of them,add salt and red chilli powder.


3)Make these content in the shape of small balls as in size of a lemon.


4)Now prepare flour mix,add water to flour mix to a semi-solid paste


5)Take a bowl heat the oil for deep dry of these prepared alu balls.


6)Now fry all these alu balls upto golden brown color.


your tasy hot spicy Alu Bonda are ready to be served take it with sauce.


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