Bread Salad

Bread Salad

Published on Nov 17 2012 // Snacks

Bread Salad :



Requirements of Bread Salad :

1.) Red Wine         :      1/2 Glass

2.) Cherry’s          :       30

3.) Sugar               :       1 Cup

4.) Water              :        2 Glass

5.) Bram Breed    :       4  Slices

6.) Cheese             :       3 Spoons


Procedure for Bread Salad :

1.) Take Slices and 1 Spoon of Cheese and Spread over One Slice of Bread and place another Bread Slice on it (as SandWitch).

2.) Roast that Bread on two sides on Pan with out Oil.

3.) Prepare Sugar Syrup (just bowl Sugar with water ,stir it well until applar Sami-solid taste).

4.) Add these Roasted Bread Slices to sugar or syrup and cut the Cherry’s,remove the seeds and add it.

5.) And take Bread Slices out of the Sugar Syrup and now Cherry’s to Sugar Syrup and stir it well and pour Wine.

6.) Take 10 to 12 Wallnets and pour the Sugar Syrup.

7.) Now take this mixture and add it between two Slices and Serve.


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