Chicken Pizza Recipe

Chicken Pizza Recipe

Chicken Pizza Recipe

chicken pizza recip


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Chicken Pizza Recipe


Required Ingredients For Chicken Pizza Recipe:

1)Boneless chicken breast                      500 gms

2)sliced mushrooms                                 10

3)onions  Chopped                                   2 cups

4)olive oil                                                  1tbsp

5) Thymes                                                1/2  tea sp

6) peppers                                                 4 tea sp

7) veg cooking spray                               1

8)Minced garlic clove                              1

9) salt                                                        1/4tsp

10) Red bell pepper                                 1

11) mozzarella cheese                            1/2 cups


Procedure For chicken Pizza Recipe:

1)Take a pan, place it over  high heat and heat oil . Add chicken, garlic, pepper and salt in it and cook it for few minutes.

2)Sauté thyme, mushrooms, bell pepper and onions to the chicken. Cook the chicken for 20 mins(or untill chicken cooked)

3)Now take a pizza pan, grease it with cooking spray and then pat the pizza dough on it. Spread half of the cheese over the dough and then spread the chicken mixture over the cheese, and again  spread the left over cheese on the top.
3. Place the pan in the  preheated oven and bake it for about 20 mins at 400 degrees F until the crust gets golden brown  in color and cheese gets melt. Now take out the pizza from the oven and serve it hot.


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