Sweet Chili Chiken

Sweet Chili Chiken

Sweet Chili Chicken

sweet chili chicken

Ingredients Required For Chili Chicken


1) chicken wings                        ——-          1 small package
2) Brown sugar                           ——-           2/3 cup light
3)chili powder                             ——-          2 table spoons
4)butter  or olive oil                  ——-          1 tbsp.

Procedure For Sweet Chili Chicken:

1)Take a small bowl combine the brown sugar and chili powder and set aside.

2)Take your chicken wings  Cut off the wing tips and store them in an airtight container in the freezer

3)Make sure your wings are DRY.

4)Now take a pan and heat it  Add a spoon of butter, to the skillet.

5)Place the chicken in, skin side down and roast until crispy. Do this in batches as necessary and transfer all of the chicken to an  bowl.

6)Add enough of the rub and toss the wings to coat all of the pieces. Place them on a baking sheet that has been lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with a cooking spray.

keep the oven in 375 degree  until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Turn once during cooking time so both sides get browned.keep it in oven for 40-50 mins

Thats it crispy Little sweet and little hot Sweet Chili Chiken is ready to be served.

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