Cream Salad Sweet

Cream Salad Sweet

Published on Nov 06 2012 // Snacks

Cream salad Sweet Recipe:

cream salad

Required Ingredients For Cream Salad:

1)Apple,Pine Apple,Banana —-                    1 each
2)Fresh Milk Cream —-                               1 1/2 cup.
3)Cheese —-                                              2 1/2 spoons
4)Flour —–                                                 3 table spoons.
5)milk —-                                                   1/2 cup
6)Sugar —-                                                 1/2 cup
7)Cooking Soda —-                                     little
8)All Dry Fruits —-                                      Enough

Procedure of Cream Salad Recipe:

1)Take a bowl,take cream into it,add chese,flour mix them into fine paste.

2)Add salt(pinch),cooking soda,sugar and mix throughly

3)Now add sliced fruit pieces,dry fruits,milk and keep them in a fridge.

4)serve it after 2 hours chilled great and yummy creamy salad is ready.

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