Creamy Mushroom Recipe

Creamy Mushroom Recipe

Published on Nov 17 2012 // Mushroom Specials

Creamy Mushroom Recipe:

creamy mushrrom recipe

Ingredients for Creamy mushroom Recipe:

1)Fresh Button Mushroom        ————   100g

2) Butter                                    ———–       60g

3)Plain Flour                             ————–  100g

4) Milk                                        ————– 100 ml

5)Bone Broth                          —————  350ml

6)Salt                                     —————– taste

Procedure For Mushroom prok Cuury:

1)  First of all soak the mushroom to  soften and remove stalk.

2)keep the flame low melt butter in bowl while adding flour gradually and  Mix well.

3. Gradually pour boiled milk while stirring.
4. The mixture will become dough-like.
5. Add broth  while stirring, until it become creamy.
6. Now add mushrooms and cook it for 15 mins and stir while doing this
7. Add salt to taste.

Thats it tasty creamy Mushroom Recipe is ready to be served.

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