Fried Rice Recipe With Egg

Fried Rice Recipe With Egg

Published on Oct 14 2012 // All Recipes

Fried Rice Recipe:



1) canola oil                          —-          1 tablespooon

2)  eggs                                    —–         2  lightly beaten

3) chopped onion               ——         1/4 cup finely

 4)canned bean sprouts    ——        1/4 cup

 5)cold cooked long grain rice —    2 cups

 6)chicken broth                             —     1/4 cup

7)sodium soy sauce              —–         1 tablespoon reduced

8) green onion, sliced           —–         1

 9) Tasting Salt                          —–          1/4 teaspoon

10)Dash pepper                      ——         little



1)In a large skillet or pan, heat the  oil over medium heat  add these two beaten eggs

2) As egg sets, lift edges, letting uncooked portion flow underneath. When egg is completely cooked, remove to a plate and keep warm.

3)In the same pan,fry the  onion and bean sprouts for 3-4 mins, add rice and broth cover and simmer for 5 mins

4)Chop egg into small pieces add to rice mixture. Stir in the soy sauce, green onion, tasting salt and pepper.


easy fried rice recipe with egg is ready to be served.

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