For Softness Of the Hair

For Softness Of the Hair

Hair Softening Tips :

Every one wants to posses a soft nature of hair but it is not the case with all hair types by following some simple home hair tips we can make our hair being soft bringing softness to hair.

i)Hair Softening solution 1:

1) Hair also needs moisture like body,just massage with curd directly on the scalp for 20 mins twice in a week and also for the hair clean after 10 min.

2)Use Conditioner after shampoo then your hair will be in good condition

ii)Hair Softening Solution 2:

1)You need to maintain a proper balance between moisture and protei(diet)  to keep black hair soft and healthy.

2)Take a  cup of water and add 1/4 quantity white vinegar to dilute it. After shampooing make the last rinse with this diluted vinegar mixture. This will also help to give a nice shine and silkiness to your hair.

3)Egg white is the best way to give your hair softness apply on the scalp directly before 30 mins.

4)Take one spoon of amla powder and karakkaya (Haritaki) each and mix with one cup of curd and mix them well after 1/2 hour massage to your hair and take hair wash after one hour. Repeat this once in a week for softening your hair.

karrakaya    —-   Karakkaya(Haritaki)


amla   —-    Amla

5.Take 1/2 cup of olive oil and mix with 1/2 cup of hot water apply to hair and scalp and massage.

cover your hair with wet cloth(Towel) and take head wash after 1 hour. this will give softness to your hair.


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