Fried Rice Recipes

Fried Rice Recipes

Fried Rice Recipe:

chic ken fried rice

About Fried Rice Recipe:

Fried Rice Recipe: Many a times all of us think or thought about cooking or many will get a chance of cooking at their homes in some situations , even I had cooked many times when my mother is not present at my home. By now itself all we discuss about is cooking then here comes what dish you prefer when you got a chance to prepare a recipe I will surely go for Fried Rice Recipe. Why I’m saying this is it is easy to prepare and fried rice recipe preparation is quite interesting that’s why when we consider the opinion’s of many people around the world about the fried rice recipe many will like this one may be because of its delicious taste and good look and nutritious when we go for egg fried rice. Here is brining you number of variety recipes in front of you try all of them to fill your mouth with taste and satisfaction.

Taking About the Nutritious Facts In The Fried Rice Recipe:

             This food nutritious because it contains egg and we will add many types of vegetables like carrot,cabbage, coriander leaves etc. So when we prepare this recipe with using all of these ingredients it gives lot of nutritional value of the food . But we should decrease the use of spicy items(masala).And another point is that as it is fried item don’t over fry this recipe this will make dead the nutritional values of the vegetable what we have used in the preparation of this fried rice item. And 3rd point to note is that it is always better to serve this hot because it loses it taste as it loses it hotness. There may be different types in this one these values are applicable for all of them.

How Much Time Taken To Prepare Fried Rice Recipe:

                                                           This is another importing thing when we are preparing this recipe because the item required rice to be cooked before we start this start so only it takes around 15 minutes to prepare this fried rice item this is the time taken for all the types of fried rice recipes suppose if you are ready for the chicken fried rice items you should pre-cook the chicken for usage that’s it.

How to Prepare Fried Rice Recipe:

                                                      When it comes to the preparation it is very easy and simple task to do take a pan heat the oil in it and after 5 mins add all the spices from ingredients you have taken, fry them from until they comes to the golden brown color and then add chopped onions, vegetables and fry them also now add 2 eggs And cook it for 10 minutes and now add already cooked rice stir and mix well and keep on the flame for 5 minutes and serve hot that’s it hot hot fried rice recipe is ready usually quick recipes are the mostly viewed recipes by the people, fried rice recipes are the one of them the preparation time for the fried rice recipes takes very less time and also easy make with simple available ingredients in the kitchen.The real fun comes eating with family together because these fried rice recipes talking about all the recipes are easy to prepare and delicious in taste for example if we take chicken fried rice recipe is the one a family can choose as for lunch on Sunday because it is usually holiday for all the members in the family so including this meal is a great idea.

Not only Talking about the chicken fried rice but any one you choose among the fried rice recipe.There are lot of varieties around the world try and prepare them at home impress your family members

There are many types in these fried rice recipes here recipes66 is bringing you some of the widely accepted fried rice recipes for you.

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe :

  • Ingredients:
  • rice                                   ——                          1 cup
  • salt                                    ——                         enough for taste
  • Oil                                       ——                        150 gm
  • garlic paste                                                       2 tsp
  • spring onions – chopped fine                       1 cup
  • cooked and finely chopped chicken            3/4 cup
  • celery – finely chopped                                  2 Tbsp
  • soya sauce                                                       2 tsp
  • vinegar                                                              1 Tbsp
  • chilli sauce                                                        1 tsp


1)Boil  rice with 1 tsp salt and 1 Tbsp oil, till ‘bite-like’.

2) Remove  water keep only rice.

3)Leave in the colander and work 1 Tbsp oil into it.

4)Heat the rest of the oil and fry  the garlic and onions, till onions comes to  light brown.

5)Add the chicken and stir-fry till well mixed.

6)Add the soya sauce, vinegar and chilli sauce, mix well and add  rice.

stir thoroughly tasty chicken fried rice is ready to serve.


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