Fruits For Heart Health

Fruits For Heart Health

Fruits For Heart Health:

fruits for heart health


1) Eat 2-3 garlic pieces daily , this gives solution for leg pains and very good for heart’s health.


2)This Garlic cleans crystaline lens in the eyes.


Caution: Defiency of sleep is one of the reason for breast cancer in women(A survey revealed)



Fruits And Its Goodness:  especially for Heart




i)Red color fruits are always good for heart’s health it actually contain flavanoids which stick to the walls of the blood cells  and also prevents from closing of blood cells

ii)Apples decreases cholestrol levels




i)The main Reason for heart attack is due to the bad or unwanted cholestrol i.e LDL Cholestrol,grapes helps in reduces this cholestrol.


ii)The seeds of the grapes contains many proteins some of them are linolic acid,flavonoids,finolic aligomaric pro-antho synidins etc.


iii)Grapes seeds reduces high cholestrol content and controls the high blood pressure(high bp) grapes are very help for maintaining good hearts health.



i)All the fruits from the family of lemon are good for hearts health.


ii)Fully ripen orange contains vitamin-A,B6 abd C abd also polate potassium fiber content is more observed in oranges


note: Potassium decrease blood pressure.


4)Water melon for Obesity:

i) Water melon usually substitutes or decreases the intake of carbohydrates


ii)It helps mainly in Obesity as it contains potassium it reduces and controls bp.




i)Apicuts those are in thick yello color are good for heart health these contains vitamin-K,which helps in the good maintainence of the blood cells(keeps blood cells in good health condition).


ii)It contains vitamin A and C which helps whole body maintainence.


6)Kevi fruit:


i)kevi fruits are good for hearts health as it contains antoxidate,which gives youthfulness to the body


ii)Vitamin-E presents in kevi eliminates bad cholestrol thus closing of blood cells is avoided.



7)Berry Fruits:

i)Vitamin C is present in black berry,blur berry,rasp berry all these are helpful to maintain good health in the body. It aslo contains manganese potassium


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