Jaggery Rasagulla

Jaggery Rasagulla

Published on Nov 07 2012 // Snacks

Jaggery Rasagulla

jaggary rasagulla

Required Ingredients Jaggery Rasagulla :

1)Cow Milk —– 2 1/2 llitres.

2)Sugar —– 1 kg.

3)jaggery—– 1 kg

4)Lemon Juice —– 1 cup

5)Flour —– 1/4 cup.

 Procedure for preparing Panner:

1)First of all heat the milk fully and add lemon juice to it,to break the milk.

2)Remove excess water from it and take in a cloth,tie all around and palce some on it.

3)After two hours panner will be ready for you.


Procedure for preparing Jaggery Rasagulla:

1)Take panner,add flour to this and make into fine paste.

2)Make this paste into small small balls

3)prepare Sugar syrup —- (take sugar and jaggery into bowl add suffiecient water and heat them once it reaches fluid state syrup is ready)

4)Add these panner balls into this syrup and keep them on low heat for 40 minutes.

now tasty juicy rasagulla is ready impress your children making them at your home in special occasions


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