Lal maas

Lal maas

Published on Oct 14 2012 // All Recipes

Lal maas Recipe:

laal-mass recipe


1)Goat Meat                                     ——–                             1 kg

2)Refined Oil                                     ——-                              200 ml

3)Onions                         ——–                             300 gm

4)Ginger Garlic                                 ——–                             100  gm

5)Whole red chiili                              ——-                              10   gm

6)Coriander Powder                           ——-                              10   gm

7)Tumeric Powder                             ——-                               5    gm

8)Curd                                             ——–                              100 gm   

9)Tomato Puree                               ——–                               200 gm

10)Garam masala                            ——–                               10   gm

11)Whole Spices(Black & green cardamom,cinnamon sticks,bay leaves,black pepper corns):    —–  20 gm.




1)Heat the oil and add whole spices,cook till they start crackling.


2)Add chopped onion and cook till golden brown.


3)Add choped ginger-garlic,meat and cook till oil seperates from the meat.Soak red chillies in water and grind into a fine paste.


4)Add to Dish,followed by all spices except garam masala.


5)Add beaten curd,cover dish with a lid and simmer on low heat.


6)Add Tomato puree and cook till mutton pieces are well cooked.Finish it off with garam masala.


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