Mihadanae Sweet

Mihadanae Sweet

Published on Nov 07 2012 // All Recipes, Snacks


mihadane sweet

Ingredients Required For Mihadanae Sweet:

1)Rice Flour,Gram Dal Flour ——– 1 cup each

2)Ghee ——- Take enough for deep Fry

3)Sugar ——– 2 Cups

4)Water ——— 1 cup


Procedure For Mihadanae Sweet:

1)First of all prepare Sugar Syrup – (take sugar into bowl add suffiecient water and heat them once it reaches fluid state syrup is ready).

2)Take Another bowl add rice flour,gram dal flour,little water and mix them make into paste.

3)Now Heat the ghee in a pan for deep fry

4)Take a filter jar (which has small small holes) take the paste into this jar and press on top into ghee for deep fry.

5)Once they appear golden brown color take them and add to sugar syrup and make them into round balls.

Mihadanae sweet is ready.



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