Oats Manchuria

Oats Manchuria

Published on Oct 14 2012 // Snacks

Oats Manchuria:


Required Ingredients:

1)Oats                                               —–            2 cups

2)Beans   sliced                                  —–            2 spoons

3)Sliced Carrot,keera,sliced cabbage    ——           2 spoons

4)Onions                                            ——           1 each

5)Sliced Cocunut                  ——           1/4 cup

6)Sliced Capsicum                              ——           4 spoons

7)ginger & garlic paste                         ——           1/2 spoon

8)Soya Sauce                                     ——           1/2 spoon

9)Tamoto Kecth up                              ——-           3 spoons

10)Agino mato                                     ——-           little bit

11)Salt                                                ——           1/2 spoon

12)Oil                                                 ——-           Sufficient for fry

13)Corrainder leaves                             ——            little




1)First of all fry the oats and grind the oats into powder


2)Now take a pan and fry all the vegetables except capsicum from the taken ingredients(carrot,cabbage,beans,1/2 onions,green chillies)


3)Lastly before stoping the stove(heat)add sliced cocunut then off the heat.


4)Now in a bowl add oats powder,salt,litle water and make this mixture in the shape of balls.


5)Take a deep pan pour oil enough for deep fry, now fry these oats balls in the oil upto golden brown color


6)Keep all the balls aside in a plate now take a pan and add 5 spoons of oil,fry remaining onions, add ginger-garlic paste,tomato sauce,agino mato,capsicum fry them for 3 minutes.


7)Now add fried oats balls into this mixture.


Oats Manchuria is ready to be served.



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