Sav Kamadi

Sav Kamadi

Published on Nov 06 2012 // Snacks

Sav Kamadi :

sav kamadi

Required Ingredients for sav kamadi:

1)Gram Dal —-                  1 cup
2)Salt —-                         sufficient to taste
3)Cooking Soda —-            little
4)Tasting Salt —-               little
5)Oil —-                            Two Spoons
6)Jeera —-                        1 spoon
7)Corrainder Leaves,dry cocnut powder for decoration(garnishing).


Procedure for Sav Kamadi:

1)Soak Gram Dal before two hours,pour all the water and grind into semi solid state(little hard not to fine).

2)Take this paste into idli pan and cook them in steam,same as like idli preparation.

3)After cooking them Cut them into pieces and keep them aside.

4)Take a pan and heat the oil init,add spices like jeera,gram dal.

5)Take this fried spices and mix with the cut pieces and spray lemon juice,corrainder leaves,dry cocunut powder.

Thats it easy sav kamadi is ready to serve


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