Stuffed Chillies

Stuffed Chillies

Published on Oct 13 2012 // All Recipes

Stuffed Chillies:

stuffed chili

Required Ingredients:


1)Alus(potatos)  —–            2

2)Carrot            ——           1

3)Tumeric powder,jeera,anchur powder ——         1/2 tea spoon

4)Green chillies  ——           10

5)Corrainder leaves –           as your wish(take little)

6)flour                —–            2 cups.

7)Rice flour        ——            1 table spoon

8)chillipowder         –            2 table spoon

9)Cooking soda   —-            Little bit.

10)Oil                    –             suffiently required for deep fry

11)salt                  –              suffient to Taste




1)Cut the green chillies at the middle vertically,remove the inner white part of it.


2)Now remove the outer layer of the potatos and cut then into pieces(long) and now cook them in salt water and smash them stuff this smashed potato

paste in chilles and keep them aside.


3)Now take a bowl and mix flour,rice flour,cooking soda,chilli powder,tumeric powder,jeera,anchur powder,salt and little water make this into semi-solid mixture,add 1 spoon of hot oil to the mixture.


4)Take a pan heat the oil and now dip these alu stuffed chillies in this flour mixture and fry them in oil upto golden brown color.


Tasty hot & Spicy stuffed chillies are ready to eat.



Tip:  Add 1 spoon of hot oil when preparing the flour mixture when your doing deep fry items, this is reduces the obsorption of oil.



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