Tip of the Day Page 2

Tip of the Day Page 2

Published on Dec 07 2012 // Kids Recipes

Kitchen tip:

–>If fish is to be stored for more than  day, first of all clean it, rub with salt, turmeric and if liked, a dash of vinegar before freezing

–>Just Add a pinch of soda bicarb to  water to boil green peas etc. faster and also to retain their bright green color.


Hair Care Tip:

1.Take 1/2 cup of olive oil and mix with 1/2 cup of hot water apply to hair and scalp and massage.

cover your hair with wet cloth(Towel) and take head wash after 1 hour. this will give softness to your hair.


General Tip:

  1. if grilled doors or the  windows start getting rusty or if apeear rusty, scrape off the rust carefully and paint the area immediately. You can also use a metal primer instead of paint.
  2. To remove mud stains from clothes, soak and wash them in water collected after boiling potatoes.


Beauty Tip:

1)Take tea spoon of tomato paste,little gram dal powder,pinch of tumeric powder,1/2 tea spoon lemon juice and mix all of them.

Apply this mixture to your face,keep keera slices on eyes and clean your face after 20 mins.This gives glow to your face

 Lips Protection:

  1. To avoid dryness to your lips mix one spoon of coconut oil with badam oil and apply to your lips.
  2. Apply glycerin or lemon juice to your lips this gives nice red color to your lips


Kitchen Tip:

  1. To keep coriander fresh cover with aluminium foil and keep it in freeze. It remains fresh for more days.
  2.  To remove the outer layer of badam(Almonds)  quickly. Soak them for 15 mins in hot water.
  3.  Keeping a small piece of  hing (asafoetida) in the same container will store chili powder for long time.


Beauty Tip:

  1. Take a cup of curd and add gram dal powder to it and keep it outside for two days and apply to hair and take head wash after one hour do this once in a week.

This reduces dandruff.


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