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Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day:


tip of the day

Beauty Tip:

1)If you have cracks on your foot just take pulp of banana and massage over it. Do this once in a week your problem will be solved.


Date : 23/11/12

Kitchen Tip:

1)Never store the potatoes near onions. Because Potatoes rot quickly if stored near onions

1)Add a pinch of sugar while cooking any green leaf vegetables at your home . By doing this will help maintain the bright green color .

2)When Salt exceeds in any dish it  can be brought down by adding diced potatoes, tomatoes or a teaspoon of sugar.

Beauty Tip: 

1)Natural soaps or herbal soaps with high fat content are good for the skin  as moisture is required for the skin in winter as they care for dry skin.

2))Take two tomatoes grind them to paste and apply to face and wash after 30 mins this will give fresh and clean appearance to face

Kitchen Tip:

1)For To keep  chillies fresh for a longer time, just remove the stems before storing.

Date : 12/11/12 :

Beauty tip :

1)To become frree from pimples no need of applying any kind of materials or medicines regularly just wash the face daily for three to four times you will see the results with in short span of time.mainly wash the face after cooking to be free from oily steam.

Date : 11/11/12 :

Kitchen tip:

1)if you want curd to settle fast after adding little curd to the milk you just put a greenchilly which is coated with salt

Date: 10/11/12 :


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