Tips For Hair Health

Tips For Hair Health

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dryness of hair

1)To Avoid Dryness of hair:

Dryness of  hair Solution 1:

i)Usually dry hair is the major reason for falling of hair, this is due to over exposure of hair to sun and dust this results in hair avoid this dryness effect on hair Take 1 cup of curd, add 1 spoon lemon juice,egg  white content,little olive oil,ripen banana and mix all of them to a fine paste.

ii)Apply this mixture to hair and clean the hair after one hour with cold water, do this procedure once in a week. hair breakage will be reduced maximum


Dryness of  hair Solution 2:

i)Take some pudina leaves and boil them in 1 cup of water

ii)Wait untill  water  gets cool, take only water and apply to the hair(scalp) and take head wash after 1/2 hour.


Dryness of hair Solution 3:

i)Take equal quantity of milk and cocunut milkin a cup and apply to the hair, and clean your hair with mild hot water after 15 min it gives good health condition for hair.

 Dryness of hair Solution 4:

i) To avoid dullness in hair take a cup of oil and place karpuram in that oil and heat the oil.

ii)Apply this oil to your scalp,massage your hair such that oil enters to the roots of the hair folicles,this gives life to the hair

 Dryness of hair Solution 5:

i)Take 1 cup of curd and fine mixture of mentil and soak this powder in curd for one night and apply this mixture to hair.

ii)Take head wash after 1/2 hour,this gives best results to your hair’s health repeat once in a week.

note:This procedure is also helps for thickness  of  hair,gives good shine for hair.





i finally got my answer to the question of how to get skin glowing with home remedies thanks for the post but need some more simple tips.get the simple and easy tips by home made remedies for glowing skin

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