To Avoid Dandruff

To Avoid Dandruff

Get the Solution For Dandruff:

avoid dandruff

Avoid Dandruff by following these simple tips at your home

Dandruff Solution 1:

i) Take equal quantity of vushiri kay paste,sikakay powder,neem leaves powder, mix this 3 of them and apply to hair and take head bath after 1/2 hour.


Dandruff Solution 2:

i)Washing your hair with a good cleansing shampoo on a regular basis is very important and check that shampoo is not too chemical

ii) There are many anti-dandruff shampoos in the market but they may not always work. Instead try using a mild formula and scrub the scalp well with your fingertips.

iii) protecting your hair is the first step to avoid dandruff  If you tend to travel outside, you should protect your hair  by wearing a scarf or cap that will shield your hair from the wind.

iv)Don’t ever comb your when it is wet this brings dandruff.

v)Always check your comb whether it is clean or not don’t use another comb while combing your hair always maintain a personal one.

vi)Some of the  home remedies that help with solves  dandruff are by applying lemon juice all over the scalp and leaving for half an hour before washing can help. Curds is also another option.

Note:By doing initially hair fall will be seen but continue to apply for twice a week regularly this reduce dandruff to a great extent.

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